Leaf Design | Tail Style Cave


Regular Size (Great for cats up to 12 pounds)
Width: 18" x Height: 16"
Tail Length: 26"
Hole Diameter: 7"

Large Size (Better for cats above 12 pounds)
Width: 20" x Height: 17"
Tail Length: 26"
Hole Diameter: 8"

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Elevate your space with the Tail Leaf Design Cave Cat Cave, a chic and cozy nook for your discerning pet. The sleek design is both a comfortable retreat for your cat and a contemporary accent piece for your home. 

  • Inspiration from Nature: Echoing the lush foliage of the tropics, the Tail Leaf Design Cave features a distinctive monstera leaf pattern, imparting a vibrant, botanical aesthetic. This design is a testament to a love of nature, bringing the essence of a tropical haven into the home with a stylish refuge that pets will adore. It stands not just as a cozy retreat for your cat but as a living sculpture that celebrates organic beauty in everyday spaces.
  • Artisanal Quality: Each cat cave is handcrafted from the finest felted wool, offering a premium softness that your cat will adore. It's a piece of pet furniture that stands the test of time.
  • Engaging Design: The signature peekaboo entrance encourages playful moments and offers a secure, enclosed space for restful slumber.
  • Home Decor Friendly: With a sleek, modern design and a variety of color options, this cat bed enhances any room’s aesthetic, blending seamlessly with your decor.
  • Generously Sized: Roomy enough for cats of all breeds and sizes, it provides an ample area for your cat to stretch, play, or curl up.
  • Praised by Pet Owners: Based on real reviews, customers love the ease of cleaning, the immediate attraction it has for their cats, and the subtle elegance it adds to their homes.

Offering more than just a resting place, our Deluxe Handcrafted Felt Cat Cave is a testament to tasteful pet accessories that elevate your cat's comfort and your home's ambiance.

We want everyone to be in love with our products. We offer a hassle-free 30 day return period. We cover return shipping cost and promptly issue a refund.

Our caves are handmade to order and ship within 3 days with free Priority Shipping. We make these caves with help from a Fair-Trade Wool Producer in Nepal.

Maintenance of your cat cave is simple! Just use a vacuum cleaner and, when needed, wash it in the washing machine via a gentle cycle with wool detergent. You can spot clean with a towel and water or a steamer if you have one! Don’t worry, the cat caves will retain their shape!