Our Values

We strongly believe business should be done ethically, and our prices reflect our values. When you purchase one of our premium cat caves you are directly helping make the world a better place in a very real way.

Two friends having fun!
Nepalese women honoring their craft

We source our cat caves from a growing village in Nepal to provide economic freedom and community growth. We utilize fair management, wage, and vacation time practices with all our creators. We took the time to carefully consider our sourcing so you can be satisfied that your purchase helps both your furry loved one and a community that deeply appreciates your purchase!

More Than Words

As an example of our commitment to creating a happy and ethical workplace for all, we recently supported the celebration of Tihar, a week long Hindu celebration during which all operations were shut down in order to take time for food, family, and friends. We also regularly support non-profit animal organizations that help take care of animals in need. Check out our blog for the latest organizations we've worked with! We aren’t like other companies. We go beyond our words and will always work to make sure that you (and your cat!) are helping to make the world a more wonderful place to live!


Not only are our cat beds ethically sourced, but they are also made from sustainable materials! The current market lacks enough eco-friendly products, so we made sure that our handmade beds are made of 100% naturally organic wool as well as being beautiful and unique.

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